Defining the Field Mapping

You can use the Fields Mapping page to define the mapping of fields between a document objects and the linked record objects.

To define the field mapping:

  1. In the Fields Mapping page, click the cell in the second column that corresponds to the document object's field in the first column.
  2. Click the cell in the third column and select an update method:
    Option Description
    Blank Makes no update.
    Default if empty Uses the default value if the document object field is empty.
    Always Always uses the value from the document object field even if it is empty.
  3. Optional: Select other available options, as required:
    Option Description
    Auto Map Searches for identical names in the document and record objects and automatically selects the matching record object field.
    Update Always Sets the update method of all the rows to Always.
    Use Default if empty Sets the update method of all the rows to Use Default if empty.
    • The field types of the document object and the record object must be compatible.
    • If you change a field value in the document record after you initially create the linked record, the application does not automatically reflect the updates. Do the updates manually.