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ISketchManager Interface Members

The following tables list the members exposed by ISketchManager.

Public Methods

 MethodAddTemporaryEntityInserts the specified temporary entity in the drawing.  
 MethodAlign3DEntitiesAligns the specified entities in 3D space.  
 MethodAlignEntities1PointAligns the specified entities, without rotating them, using one pair of points.  
 MethodAlignEntities2PointAligns the specified entities, rotating them based on the current coordinate system, using two pairs of points.  
 MethodAlignEntities3PointAligns the specified entities using three pairs of points.  
 MethodAttachLinkToAreaAttaches the specified hyperlink to the specified rectangular area.  
 MethodBringAboveEntitiesMoves the specified entities above the specified reference entities.  
 MethodBringToFrontEntitiesMoves the specified entities to the top of the drawing order.  
 MethodChamferEntitiesConnects two sketch entities that meet in a beveled corner.  
 MethodChamferPolyLineChamfers the specified 2D PolyLine.  
 MethodCopyEntitiesCopies the specified sketch entities and places them at the specified relative location.  
 MethodDetachExternalReferenceDetaches the specified external reference from the drawing.  
 MethodDetachReferenceImageDetaches the specified Referenced image from the drawing.  
 MethodExplodeEntitiesExplodes the a complex object comprised of the specified entities.  
 MethodExtendEntitiesExtends the specified sketch entities.  
 MethodFilletEntitiesConnects two entities with a fillet arc that is tangent to both entities.  
 MethodFilletPolyLineFillets the specified 2D PolyLine.  
 MethodGetBoundingBoxGets the bounding box enclosing the sketch entity.  
 MethodGetEntitiesGet the specified entities and their types.  
 MethodGetObjectLayerGets the name of the Layer where the specified sketch entity resides.  
 MethodInsertAlignedDimensionInserts an aligned linear Dimension.  
 MethodInsertAngularDimension2LineInserts an angular Dimension formed by two lines.  
 MethodInsertAngularDimension3PointInserts an angular Dimension formed by three points.  
 MethodInsertAngularDimensionArcInserts an angular Dimension formed by the two end points of an Arc.  
 MethodInsertArcConstructs an Arc.  
 MethodInsertArcBy3PointsConstructs an Arc using the specified three points.  
 MethodInsertArcByCenter2PointsObsolete. Superseded by ISketchManager::InsertArcByCenter2Points.  
 MethodInsertArcByCenter2Points2Constructs an Arc using the specified center, start, and end points.  
 MethodInsertArcLengthDimensionGets access to an arc length Dimension.  
 MethodInsertArcLengthDimensionPartialGets access to a partial arc length Dimension.  
 MethodInsertAttributeDefinitionObsolete. Superseded by ISketchManager::InsertAttributeDefinition2.  
 MethodInsertAttributeDefinition2Creates a BlockAttribute definition.  
 MethodInsertBlockObsolete. Superseded by ISketchManager::InsertBlock2.  
 MethodInsertBlock2Inserts a Block instance.  
 MethodInsertCircleConstructs a Circle.  
 MethodInsertCircleBy3PointsConstructs a Circle using the specified three points.  
 MethodInsertCircleByDiameterConstructs a Circle using the specified center point and diameter.  
 MethodInsertCurvedTextInserts the specified text along the curve of the specified Arc.  
 MethodInsertDiameterDimensionArcInserts a diameter dimension for an Arc.  
 MethodInsertDiameterDimensionCircleInserts a diameter dimension for a Circle.  
 MethodInsertEllipseArcDistanceToOtherAxisConstructs an elliptical Arc using the specified axes end points, radius of the perpendicular axis, and start and end angles.  
 MethodInsertEllipseArcRotationConstructs an elliptical Arc using the specified axes end points, angle of rotation, and start and end angles.  
 MethodInsertEllipseDistanceToOtherAxisConstructs an Ellipse using the specified axes end points and the radius of the perpendicular axis.  
 MethodInsertEllipseRotationConstructs an Ellipse using the specified axes end points and the angle of rotation.  
 MethodInsertEmbeddedObjectFromFileAdds an embedded object to the document based on the specified file.  
 MethodInsertExternalReferenceInserts an external reference to a Block instance.  
 MethodInsertFaceInserts a Face.  
 MethodInsertHatchByBoundaryInserts a Hatch with the specified pattern, scale, angle, and boundary loop.  
 MethodInsertHatchByEntitiesInserts a Hatch with the specified pattern, scale, angle, and boundary defined by the specified entities.  
 MethodInsertHatchByInternalPointsInserts a Hatch with the specified pattern, scale, and angle in the enclosed areas defined by the specified internal points.  
 MethodInsertInfiniteLineConstructs an InfiniteLine.  
 MethodInsertJoggedDimensionArcInserts a jogged Dimension for an Arc.  
 MethodInsertJoggedDimensionCircleInserts a jogged Dimension for an Circle.  
 MethodInsertLeaderInserts a Leader.  
 MethodInsertLineConstructs a Line.  
 MethodInsertLinearDimensionInserts a linear Dimension.  
 MethodInsertNoteInserts a Note.  
 MethodInsertNoteWithParametersInserts and formats the Note as specified.  
 MethodInsertOrdinateDimensionInserts an ordinate Dimension.  
 MethodInsertPictureInserts a Referenced image.  

Inserts a point.

 MethodInsertPolyFaceMeshInserts a polygon face mesh.  
 MethodInsertPolygonMeshInserts a PolygonMesh with the specified MxN vertices at the specified coordinates.  
 MethodInsertPolyline2DConstructs a 2D PolyLine.  
 MethodInsertPolyline3DConstructs a 3D PolyLine.  
 MethodInsertRadialDimensionArcInserts a radius Dimension for an Arc.  
 MethodInsertRadialDimensionCircleInserts a radius Dimension for a Circle.  
 MethodInsertRayInserts a Ray.  
Constructs a Region for each selected entity.  
 MethodInsertRichLineConstructs a RichLine.  
 MethodInsertRotatedDimensionInserts a rotated Dimension.  
 MethodInsertShapeInserts a shape.  
 MethodInsertSimpleNoteInserts a SimpleNote.  
 MethodInsertSolidInserts a 2D Solid, which are solid filled planes that have straight line borders, at the specified location.  
 MethodInsertSplineConstructs a Spline.  
 MethodInsertTableInserts a Table.  
 MethodInsertToleranceInserts a geometric Tolerance.  
 MethodInsertTraceInserts a Trace, which is a 2D solid Line.  
 MethodIsObjectErasedGets whether the specified sketch entity is erased.  
 MethodIsObjectVisibleGets whether the specified sketch entity is visible.  
 MethodMirror3DEntitiesCreates a mirror image of the specified entities in a 3D plane around a 3D axis.  
 MethodMirrorEntitiesMirrors the specified entities onto the opposite side of the specified mirror line.  
 MethodMoveEntitiesMoves the specified sketch entities to the specified relative location.  
 MethodPattern3DCircularCreates a pattern of the specified entities in 3D space in a circular alignment about a rotation axis.  
 MethodPattern3DLinearCreates a pattern of the specified entities in 3D space in a matrix of rows, columns, and levels.  
 MethodPatternCircularCreates a circular pattern of the specified entities.  
 MethodPatternLinearCreates a linear pattern of the specified entities  
 MethodRotate3DEntitiesRotates the specified entities in 3D space.  
 MethodRotateEntitiesRotates the specified entities.  
 MethodScaleEntitiesScales the specified entities while keeping their proportions the same.  
 MethodSendToBackEntitiesMoves the specified entities to the bottom of the drawing order.  
 MethodSendToUnderEntitiesMoves the specified entities under the specified reference entities.  
 MethodSetObjectErasedSets whether the specified sketch entity is erased.  
 MethodSetObjectLayerSets the specified Layer of the specified sketch entity.  
 MethodSetObjectVisibleSets whether the specified sketch entity is visible.  
 MethodStartUndoRecordStarts the undo recording of a set of sketch operations.  
 MethodStopUndoRecordStops the undo recording of a set of sketch operations.  
 MethodStretchEntitiesChanges the relative positions of a sketch entity's nodes, retaining their relations to other nodes in the entity.  
 MethodTrimEntitiesTrims the specified sketch entities.  

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