Defeature - Components, Bodies

You can use the Simplify Geometry method to remove components from a model for assemblies. For multibody parts, you can remove bodies from a model.

To open the Components or Bodies page of the Defeature PropertyManager:

  1. In an assembly or multibody part, click Defeature (Tools toolbar) or Tools > Defeature.
  2. In the PropertyManager, select the Simplify Geometry method and click Next .

    For assemblies, the Components page opens. For multibody parts, the Bodies page opens.


Provides methods for specifying which components or bodies to remove.

Internal components / Internal bodies Removes all components or bodies that are not visible from outside the model.
Small components (percent of assembly size) / Small bodies (percent of part size) Removes all components or bodies, both external and internal, that are smaller than a specified percentage of the size of the model's bounding box. Enter a number in Percent.
Selected components / Selected bodies Removes components or bodies that you select in the graphics area or FeatureManager design tree. Selected items are listed in Components to Remove / Bodies to Remove .
Display Controls the display of items while on this page of the PropertyManager. Select one of the following options:

Show all

Shows all items.

Hide removed components / bodies

Hides removed items. Shows retained items.

Hide others

Shows removed items. Hides retained items.

Transparent others

Shows removed items. Displays retained items as transparent.

When you click Next , the display reverts to Hide removed components / Hide removed bodies.


You can select components or bodies to retain that are otherwise removed according to the options above.

Components to Retain / Bodies to Retain Retains components or bodies that you select in the graphics area or FeatureManager design tree.

Section View

View and select internal components or bodies.

  Reference Section Plane/Face Specifies the plane or face to use to section the model. Select a plane or face, or click Front , Top , or Right to create the section view. Reverse Section Direction changes the direction of the cut.
Offset Distance Offsets the section from the reference plane by a specified distance.
X Rotation Rotates the section plane along the X-axis.
Y Rotation Rotates the section plane along the Y-axis.