Copy Settings PropertyManager

You can use the Copy Settings PropertManager to copy settings from one study to new study that is linked to a new configuration.

To open the Copy Settings PlasticManager:

  • In the Plastics CommandManager, click Copy Settings .
When you run a Plastics simulation, the software saves the simulation data inside a folder with the same name as the SOLIDWORKS part file. You can create only one plastics study per configuration. The software saves the results from each study inside a subfolder with the name of the configuration linked to the study.
File Path Specifies the folder path of the part file. By default, the software configures the file path to the folder from which you last accessed the part file. Click the ellipsis next to the file path to navigate to the target folder.
Up Moves up one subdirectory level.
Back Moves down one subdirectory level.
Reload Reloads the file path.
Copy Parameter Copies the parameter of the selected configuration. Right-click a folder corresponding to the selected configuration, and click Copy Parameter.
Paste Parameter Right-click the intended configuration, and click Paste Parameter.