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Products to Download

Select SolidWorks products to download to a specified location.

The products available for download are determined by the serial number you supplied:

  • The action to be performed for each component appears to the right of each item.
  • If a component has optional installation sub-components in it, a + icon appears next to the component. To see the available sub-components for a component, click the + icon.
  • If a component has been expanded to show optional sub-components, a - icon appears next to the component. To collapse the sub-component listing, click the - icon.
  • Click the check box to the left of each component to select how it is handled by SolidWorks Installation Manager.
SolidWorks Installation Manager downloads all product components to which you are entitled, unless you specify otherwise. To reduce your download time and disk space requirements, expand the product components and specify Do not download for those components you do not need.

If SolidWorks Installation Manager was unable to verify the products to which you are entitled, you can select a SolidWorks package to download. SolidWorks Installation Manager lists all SolidWorks products that are compatible with the package you select.

If SolidWorks Installation Manager was unable to verify the products to which you are entitled, you can click Select different packages or products to change the product package (such as SolidWorks Professional or SolidWorks Premium) listing to install or modify. SolidWorks Installation Manager lists all SolidWorks products on your installation media that are compatible with the package you select. You can select any products you purchased or are entitled to evaluate.

Language Support

Expand the SolidWorks product and the Languages component to see the languages you can install.

The Languages specification limits the languages that are installed for the SolidWorks product only. Other product installations are not affected by this specification. For example, SolidWorks eDrawings®, SolidWorks Workgroup PDM, and SolidWorks Explorer install all languages.

Space Needed

Based on the products you select, the space needed to perform the download is shown. Download size is the total amount of disk space required for all of the downloaded files (not including extra space required to unzip the files after the download completes). This figure is an estimate.

To reduce download or installation time for future updates and patches, do not delete the downloaded files after installation. Subsequent updates and patches typically require access to the last full installation file set.

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