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The SelectionManager combines and replaces contour and smart selection while offering enhanced selection capability. The SelectionManager is available in loft, sweep, and boundary surface features, and for path mates.

With the SelectionManager you can:

  • Select edges and sketch entities, which was not possible in smart selection.

  • Select entities across multiple sketches as well as in combination with model edges.

  • Trim and extend open selection sets at both ends, regardless of how you create them.

  • Snap parametric trim points to geometry, so if you modify the geometry, the trim is modified.

  • Use direction manipulators to choose between different solutions that match the current selection tool. Click the manipulators to select the desired loop. In this example with the Select Closed Loop tool, you toggle between two loops and right-click to select the bottom loop.

  • Right-click to accept the selection. If there is enough information to define a solution set, the pointer changes to .




Accepts the selection.




Cancels the selection and closes the SelectionManager.



Clear All

Clears all items in the selection set being created or edited.



Select Closed Loop

Selects the entire closed loop when you select any segment of the closed loop. Closed loops are:

  • Closed contours (parametric selections in 2D and 3D sketches).

  • Surface loops (parametric selections around the perimeter of a surface).

Select Open Loop

Selects all chained entities when you select one entity. Chained entities include parametric selections in 2D and 3D sketches.



Select Group

Selects one or more individual entities. Selections can propagate to include tangent entities on both ends of a selected entity.



Select Region

Selects parametric regions as currently available in 2D sketch when in Contour Selection mode.



Standard Selection

Uses regular selection, the same as available when the SelectionManager is not activated.



Auto-OK selections

Available when you push in the push pin and use closed loop, open loop, or region selection. Automatically accepts the selection and puts it in the selection list.

To access the SelectionManager:

  1. Activate a supported tool (loft, sweep, or boundary surface).

  2. Do one of the following:

    • Select a sketch entity.

If the entire selected 2D or 3D sketch is valid as the selected parameter, the SelectionManager does not appear. For example, if a 3D sketch contains multiple entities that together are valid as a guide curve, and you select that 3D sketch as a guide curve, the SelectionManager does not appear.

    • Right-click and choose SelectionManager.

When the SelectionManager is active, the Confirmation Corner changes to , which allows you to accept the selection and exit, or to cancel the SelectionManager.

To edit entities in the SelectionManager:

  1. Select and accept entities using the SelectionManager.

  2. In the PropertyManager, right-click the entity and choose Edit Selection.

- or -

Double-click the entity name in the PropertyManager.

Double-clicking the entity in the graphics area does not activate Edit mode.

  1. Edit the entity.

  2. Right-click and select to accept the edits and close the SelectionManager.

Example of how to use the SelectionManager:

  1. Open a part with a sketch. In this example, you create a loft from the sketch.

  2. Click Lofted Boss/Base (Features toolbar).

  3. Select the sketch line shown.

The SelectionManager appears. The Select Group tool is active.

  1. In the SelectionManager, click the pushpin so the SelectionManager remains available.

  2. Select the three connecting sketch entities, then click .

Closed Group<1> appears under Profiles .

  1. In the SelectionManager:

    1. Click Select Closed Loop .

    2. Select Auto-OK selections.

  2. Select the two loops one-by-one in approximately the same area to automatically add them to Profiles in the PropertyManager as Closed Loop<1> and <2>.

  1. Use Select Open Loop to select the four Guide Curves .

  1. Click .

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