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DimXpert for Parts - Overview

DimXpert for parts is a set of tools you use to apply dimensions and tolerances to parts according to the requirements of ASME Y14.41-2003 and ISO 16792:2006. You can then use the tolerances with TolAnalyst to perform stack analysis on assemblies, or with downstream CAM, other tolerance analyses, or metrology applications. See also Xperts Overview.

Set Overall drafting standard to ANSI (ASME) or ISO under Tools, Options, Document Properties, Drafting Standard.


For DimXpert, features means manufacturing features. For example, in the CAD world, you create a "shell" feature, which is a type of "pocket" feature in the manufacturing world.

Supported manufacturing features:

  • Counterbore hole

  • Countersink hole

  • Simple hole

  • Intersect circle

  • Intersect line

  • Intersect plane

  • Intersect point

  • Notch

  • Plane

  • Pocket

  • Slot

  • Surface

  • Width

  • Sphere

Feature Recognition

When you apply DimXpert dimensions to manufacturing features, DimXpert uses these methods in this order to recognize features:

  1. Model feature recognition

  2. Topology recognition

Model Feature Recognition

The benefit of model feature recognition is that identified features update if you modify the model feature, especially if you add features or faces. DimXpert recognizes these design features:

  • Chamfer

  • Cosmetic thread

  • Certain extrudes (for pattern extraction)

  • Fillet

  • Hole Wizard hole

  • Simple hole

  • Certain patterns (bosses, cones, width, linear, circular, and mirror for pattern extraction)

Topology Recognition

If model recognition fails to recognize features, DimXpert uses topology recognition. The benefit of topology recognition is that it recognizes manufacturing features that model recognition cannot, such as slots, notches, and pockets. Only topology recognition is used for features on imported bodies. Topology features update if you make geometry changes, but new instances are not added to pattern features.

Using DimXpert

Use a suite of DimXpert tools to insert dimensions and tolerances manually or automatically. The DimXpertManager:

  • Lists the tolerance features defined by the DimXpert by feature.

  • Displays DimXpert tools.

To change the tree display, right-click the part name in the DimXpertManager, select Tree Display, and select a display option.

To use DimXpert for parts:

  1. Open a part to dimension using DimXpert.

  2. Set the DimXpert options. Click Tools, Options, Document Properties, and set the various DimXpert options, such as Geometric Tolerance.

  3. Insert dimensions and geometric tolerances manually or automatically.

  1. To manually insert dimensions and geometric tolerances:

      1. Set the datums using the Datum tool.

      2. Add tolerances and dimensions using the DimXpert tools, such as Size Dimension , Location Dimension , Pattern Feature , and Geometric Tolerance .

Use the feature selector to define the feature types.

      1. Click Show Tolerance Status  to see which features are under or over constrained for size and location.

      2. Apply additional dimensions and tolerances as needed to fully constrain the part.

To set the color of DimXpert dimensions, click Options , System Options, Colors. Under Color scheme settings, select Annotations, DimXpert.

    1. To automatically insert dimensions and geometric tolerances:

      1. Click Auto Dimension Scheme (DimXpert toolbar) or Tools, DimXpert, Auto Dimension Scheme.

      2. Set the PropertyManager options.

      3. Click .

  1. Save the part.

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