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FAQ for Clients

Which versions of SolidWorks and SolidWorks Workgroup PDM can I use together?

The major versions of SolidWorks and Workgroup PDM must match. You cannot use Workgroup PDM with an older version of SolidWorks.

Which versions of clients can I use with the Workgroup PDM server?

You can run Workgroup PDM clients with the Workgroup PDM server from any service pack as long as the clients and server are within the same major version. For example, you can use a client from an earlier service pack with a server from a newer service pack. The following table illustrates when you need to update Workgroup PDM clients:



Same release as vault


Newer than vault, same major release


Newer than vault, newer major release

Login is blocked

Older than vault, same major release

Optional update in the About SolidWorks Explorer dialog box

Older than vault, older major release

Mandatory update

When I log in to the vault, I get an error message that says "Error contacting the vault. Please check that the vault computer name is correct and that the Workgroup PDM Server is running on that computer."

This error often occurs when the vault is rebuilding. You can log in after the vault is rebuilt.

When checking out an assembly, do I have to select each reference, one at a time?

No. In the Get Local Copy and Open Document dialog box, select the Options header, then select either or both of the following: Get local copy and Take ownership.

When checking out an assembly, do I have to also check out its components?

No. You can specify which references to check out with the assembly. In the Get Local Copy and Open Document dialog box, select only those components you need.

When checking out a document, does the document return to the folder from which it was checked in?

No, Workgroup PDM does not know where a document came from. You specify the destination folder in the Save In Folder column in the Get Local Copy and Open Document dialog box. The folder that appears in Save in Folder is set in Options. Setting a working folder is recommended.

When checking out a document, why are the documents read-only?

Your settings may be interfering with the SolidWorks collaboration settings. To remedy this issue:

  • In the VaultAdmin, clear:

    • Set filesystem read-only attribute if not owner

    • Bind ownership to SolidWorks read-write / read-only access

  • In SolidWorks:

    1. Click Options (Standard toolbar) or Tools, Options.

    2. On the System Options tab, select Collaboration.

    3. Clear all options.

    4. Click OK.

What is the difference between the two options under "Compare vault document" in Workgroup PDM Options?

When Workgroup PDM compares the file in the vault with the local file, the icon showing that the local file is newer than the file in the vault appears:

  • To document on disk - when the local file is saved

  • To document in memory - when any change occurs in the local file

How can I make the Number field automatically use the file name?

  1. Open a new part.

  2. Click File, Properties.

  3. In the Summary Information dialog box, on the Custom tab, set the Number property to $PRP:"SW-File Name", then click OK.

  4. Click File, Save As, and save the document as a Part Template (*.prtdot).

  5. When you use this template for new parts, the file name (without extension) appears automatically in the Number field.

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