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Check In Document

To check documents into the vault:

  • You must have write permission for the project.

  • You must be the owner of the documents if they are already in the vault.

You can check in the active SolidWorks document, and you can check in any other type of document.

SolidWorks documents must be checked in through the SolidWorks client.

In addition to the methods described next, you can drag documents from the local view into the vault view to check them in. You can also drag documents from Windows Explorer into the vault.

A reference listed in red text indicates that a document with a duplicate name but with different content exists in the vault. To avoid overwriting the document with the same name, rename the reference you are checking in.

You are prompted if documents need to be saved before check-in.

To check a SolidWorks document into the vault:

  1. In SolidWorks, right-click a document in the local view and select Check in This Document.

If the document is not already open, it is opened in SolidWorks. For a document already open in SolidWorks, you can right-click in the vault view and select Check in Active Document.

  1. Edit properties in the Check In Document dialog box as described below, then click Check In.

To check in a document other than an active SolidWorks document:

  1. In the local view in the SolidWorks client or SolidWorks Explorer client, do one of the following:

  • Right-click a document and select Check in This Document (available in the SolidWorks client only).

  • Right-click a document and select Check in From Disk, then select a document.

  • Select a document, then click Check In on the Mini Toolbar (available in the SolidWorks Explorer client only).

Only non-SolidWorks documents can be checked in with the SolidWorks Explorer client.

  1. Edit properties in the Check In Document dialog box as described below, then click Check In.

Document list

Documents are listed in a table. The document names are displayed in an indented list with an icon for the type of document (assembly, part, drawing, and so on).

First select any references to be checked in, then select options and edit cells.

To select or clear all documents:

  1. Click the Options header.

  1. Select or clear Check in.

The check boxes in the left-most column of the table are checked or cleared.

To select or clear documents individually:

Select or clear the check box in the row with the document name.

You can check in:

  • References without their parent document.

  • Drawings with their related model documents (see Find and include associated, below).

  • Lightweight components, suppressed components, base parts, and externally referenced components (except externally referenced assemblies).


Check in? Checks in the document and creates a new revision in the vault.

Retain ownership?  Keeps the document locked so you have exclusive right to create the next revision. See Change Ownership.

Delete local copy? Removes the document from your local workspace, which frees up disk space. To get a local copy later, see Get Local Copy and Open Document.

Icons in the Options column include:

  • Retain ownership

  • Delete local copy

  • Document status, This document does not yet exist on the vault, for example (read only information). View the icon's tooltip for details.

To specify options for all documents:

  1. Click the Options header.

  2. Select or clear Retain ownership or Delete local copy.

The icons for all documents become active or inactive.

Local copies of documents that are open in applications other than SolidWorks are not deleted.

To specify options for individual documents:

Click the icon in the row of any document selected for check-in.

Editing column data

For the selected documents, you can specify for individual or groups of documents:

  • Type Number, Description, or Note.

  • Choose Revision, Project, or lifecycle Status (if the vault administrator has set the option on the VaultAdmin Lifecycle tab).

Rules set by the vault administrator on the VaultAdmin Lifecycle tab take precedence over check in settings. If a VaultAdmin rule is in effect, lifecycle status change is disabled during check in.

To edit column data:

  1. Select a cell or a group of cells within a column, or click a column header to select a whole column.

  1. In the column control box above the table, type text or select from the list (for Revision or Project, for example).

For a single cell, you can also edit the cell in place rather than in the column control box.

  1. Click Apply.

When you edit Revision, you select from a list of items such as Default, Next primary revision, Working copy, etc. If you select Other, you can type in a revision, but the revision must be within the vault's revision scheme.

Non-SolidWorks Documents

For non-SolidWorks documents, the document icon might show Microsoft Word Document, AutoCAD Drawing, and so on. You can edit the options and table cells in the same way as for SolidWorks documents. In addition, you can specify attachments to documents in the vault.

To specify a reference to a document in the vault for a non-SolidWorks document:

  1. Click Attach to another document .

  2. In the Select A Document To Attach To dialog box, browse to a document, then click OK.

Find and include associated

Drawings. Find drawings associated with the document being checked in and add the drawings to the Document list. You can search the complete SolidWorks search path, a specified folder, or both. SolidWorks Workgroup PDM reports the number of drawings found. (May cause slower performance.)

To include drawings every time you check in documents, select Include drawings under Command Defaults, Check in in the Options dialog box. This causes the SolidWorks search path to be searched as the Check In Document dialog box opens. From the dialog box, you can continue to search specified folders.

SolidWorks Simulation. Find SolidWorks Simulation analysis results. SolidWorks Simulation file paths are identified in the SolidWorks document.

To include SolidWorks Simulation analysis results every time you check in documents, select Include SolidWorks Simulation results under Command Defaults, Check in in the Options dialog box.

Output To File

Click to output the document information to file.

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