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Image Quality Options

To set the image display quality options:

  1. Click Options  or Tools, Options.

  2. On the Document Properties tab, select Image Quality.

  3. Select from the options described below, then click OK.

Shaded and draft quality HLR/HLV resolution

Controls the tessellation of curved surfaces for shaded rendering output. A higher resolution setting results in slower model rebuilding but more accurate curves. When Draft Quality HLR/HLV is turned on, the Shaded settings control Shaded With Edges , Shaded , Hidden Lines Removed , Hidden Lines Visible , and Wireframe views.

  • Low - High (slower) and Deviation. (For assemblies, available only if Apply to all reference part documents (below) is selected.) The slider controls the image quality resolution, and Deviation is the maximum chordal deviation in effect. Move the slider or type a value in Deviation. The slider setting and deviation value are coupled and are inversely proportional.

  • Optimize edge length (higher quality, but slower). Increases image quality if, after you move the slider to the highest setting, you still want higher image quality.

This option causes slower system performance and increased file size.

  • Apply to all referenced part documents (assemblies only). Applies the settings to all of the part documents referenced by the active document.

  • Save tessellation with part document (parts only). Saves display information. When cleared, file size is reduced (often significantly), but the model is not displayed when the file is opened in view-only mode, the SolidWorks Viewer, or eDrawings. The display data is regenerated when the file is opened again in SolidWorks.

Wireframe and high quality HLR/HLV resolution

Controls the image quality of model edges in drawings. When Draft Quality HLR/HLV   is turned off, the Wireframe settings control Hidden Lines Removed , Hidden Lines Visible , and Wireframe views.

Low - High (slower). Increases image quality. Move the slider to Low if you want to redraw the screen more quickly and the display quality is not of great importance; move the slider to High (slower) for high display quality, but a slower redraw.

If you notice problems with your HLR image display, move the slider to the right.

Precisely render overlapping geometry (higher quality, but slower). Applies to drawing documents only. When a drawing contains many tiny intersections, disable this option to enhance performance.

Other Options

Use isometric, zoom to fit view for document preview. Provides a standard view for preview images. When cleared, the preview displays the document using the last saved view.

Use pre-2009 tangent edge definition. Leaves tangent edges visible as in the pre-2009 SolidWorks implementation. When cleared, hides tangent edges when the angle between adjacent faces is less than one degree.

The display of the model does not affect the model's tolerance.

Drafted cube with constant fillets vertically and face-to-face fillet on top face

In SolidWorks 2008, cube displayed with tangent edges hidden

In SolidWorks 2009, cube displayed with tangent edges hidden

Go To Performance. Click to go to System Performance Options.


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