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PDF Export Options

Export options are available when you export documents to Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF).

Characters created using an external character editor are not displayed in PDF output.

To access PDF export options:

  1. In a SolidWorks document, click File, Save As.

  2. Select Adobe Portable Document format (*.pdf) in Save as type.

  3. Click Options.

  4. Select options as described below, then click OK.

Export PDF in color.

Embed fonts. The font definitions become part of the document, which increases file size but guarantees that the fonts are as defined in the original document.

High quality lines. For drawings only. Vectored lines are drawn double precision for best quality. Increases file size and time to save file.

Shaded/Draft geometry DPI. For drawings only. Controls dots per inch setting. An increased value improves quality while increasing file size and time to save file.

High quality shaded edges. For drawings only. The edges of shaded views are drawn with vectors instead of being raster-drawn. Increases time to save file.

Print header/footer. Uses the header and footer specified in File, Print, Header/Footer.

Use specified printer line weights (File, Print, Line Weights). When cleared, the default printer line weights are used.




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