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Library Features

A library feature is a frequently used feature, or combination of features, that you create once and then save in a library for future use. Most feature types are supported, some with certain limitations.

Library features usually consist of features added to a base feature, but not the base feature itself. Because you cannot have two base features in a single part, you cannot insert a library feature that includes a base feature into a part that already has a base feature. However, you can create a library feature that includes the base feature and insert it in an empty part.

You can create commonly used features, such as holes or slots, and save them as library features. You can use several library features as building blocks to construct a single part. This can save time, and it can help ensure consistency in your models.

General Attributes

With library features, you can do any of the following:

  • Select a configuration while inserting the library feature into a part.

  • Include Link to parent part.

  • Edit by changing configurations, selecting a different position, and so on.

  • Add descriptions to references when saving the library feature.

  • Add annotations to a library feature, and have the annotations inserted into the part with the library feature.

When you insert the annotation into a library feature, either the annotation itself or the leader must touch the feature to be saved with the feature.

  • Store a helix as a library feature.

  • Flip the sketch orientation during insertion of a library feature by clicking the direction arrow in the graphics area.

  • Transfer visual properties, such as textures, specified in the library feature to the inserted features.

Design Library

The Design Library includes folders populated with reusable entities, such as annotations, assemblies, and forming tools. The Design Library controls all library feature functions including:

  • Display of the library features and subfolders that contain library features.

  • Preview of the library feature parts.

  • Insertion of the library features on the face of a part or on a plane in the graphics area.

The Design Library folder is located on the disk in:

install_directory\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\SolidWorks\SolidWorks_version\design library.

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