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Entering Equations

The Add/Edit Equation dialog box looks like a calculator keypad. Buttons on the keypad represent all supported operators, functions, and constants. You can expand and collapse the dialog box.

To populate the equation box, do any of the following:

  • Click a dimension in the graphics area to paste its name into the equation.

  • Click keypad buttons in the dialog box.

  • Click a global variable, custom property, or a linked dimension name in the Equations in the FeatureManager design tree.

  • Type from your computer keyboard.

Keep the following in mind as you enter equations:

  • Equations are solved left to right (that is, the dimension on the left is driven by the value on the right).

  • Dimension names must be in the form "<dimension_name>@<feature_name>" or "<dimension_name>@<sketch_name>". Dimension names must be enclosed in quotes.




When you enter a dimension name by clicking the dimension in the graphics area, the required quotes are automatically inserted. When you enter a dimension name by typing, you must type the quotes.

  • You cannot specify units of measure in equations. Equations use the units specified in Tools, Options, Document Properties, Units. For example, if the document length units are inches, then in the equation "D3@Sketch2" = "D2@Sketch2" +1, the 1 in the equation represents one inch. If you change the document length units to millimeters, the 1 now represents one millimeter.

  • You can add comments to equations to document your design intent. Click Comment or type a single quote () at the end of the equation, then enter the comment. Anything after the single quote is ignored when the equation is solved.


"D2@Sketch1" = "D1@Sketch1" / 2 ‘ height is 1/2 width

  • You can also use comment syntax to prevent an equation from being evaluated. Place a single quote () at the beginning of the equation. The equation is then interpreted as a comment, and it is ignored.

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