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Comparing SimulationXpress to SolidWorks Simulation Premium

Several bundles of SolidWorks Simulation are available. The following table compares the functionality of SimulationXpress to SolidWorks Simulation Premium:
Capability SolidWorks SimulationXpress SolidWorks Simulation Premium
Part analysis
Assembly analysis  
Multibody part analysis  
Thin parts, sheet metal parts and assemblies, and surface analysis using shell elements  
Weldment analysis using beam elements  
Analysis combining solid, shell, and beam elements  
Stress analysis
Strain and displacement analyses  
Trend tracker to determine trends from different iterations of a static study  
Thermal stress analysis  
Frequency and buckling analyses  
Heat transfer analysis  
p-adaptive and h-adaptive analyses  
Drop test analysis  
Fatigue analysis  
Pressure vessel design analysis  
Optimization analysis with one variable and criterion
Optimization analysis with multiple variables and criteria  
Contact analysis of assemblies with friction  
Large displacement contact and friction  
Linear dynamic studies (time history, harmonic, and random vibrations)  
Static and dynamic nonlinear studies  
Connectors (bearing, bolt, edge weld, elastic support, grounded bolt, link, pin, rigid, spot weld, spring, and spring-damper)  
Interference or shrink fit  
Thermostat-controlled heat generation  
Thermal contact resistance  
Analysis management using Simulation study tree
Analysis design library for common loads and fixtures  
Multiple studies "what-if scenarios"  
Analysis input as parameters  
Analysis design tables (batch run for studies)  
Isotropic materials
Orthotropic materials  
Composite shells with isotropic or orthotropic material properties  
Temperature-dependent material properties  
S-N fatigue curves  
Edit SolidWorks material library or create your own using the material library editor  
Uniform pressure and force on faces
Directional and nonuniform pressure and force  
Force on edges and vertices  
Body loads: gravity and centrigugal  
Special loads: torque, remote, and bearing loads  
Heat transfer conditions: temperature, convection, radiation, heat power, and heat flux  
Fixed restraints on faces
Fixed restraints on edges and vertices  
Directional fixtures  
Prescribed nonzero fixtures  
Remote mass  
Stress contour plot-equivalent (von Mises) stress
Deformation plot
Create a solid from the deformed shape  
Factor of safety calculation and plot
Principal stress, directional stress, stress error, and stress intensity  
Strain plots (various components)  
Displacement plots (various components)  
Element result plots  
Resonant frequencies  
Resonant mode shape plots  
Buckling load factors  
Buckling mode plots  
Reaction force result plot  
Temperature distribution, temperature gradients, and heat flux result plots  
Fatigue plots  
Stress linearization plots for pressure vessel design studies  
Result graphs  
Result listings  
Probe and list-by-entity tools  
Dynamic section iso plots  
Plot customization, legend placement, scaled plots, legend color controls, superimposed plots  
Generate reports
Publish SolidWorks eDrawings of analysis results
Animate and save as AVI
Save as Bitmap, JPEG, VRML, and XGL of analysis results  
Export to NASTRAN, ANSYS, PATRAN, IDEAS option available
Import loads from SolidWorks Flow Simulation  
Import loads from SolidWorks Motion  

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