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Optimization Analysis (Available in SolidWorks Simulation)

Optimization analysis automates the search for the optimum design. SimulationXpress allows you to vary one design variable to find the optimal solution for one criterion. SolidWorks Simulation has additional optimization capabilities.

The Manual Process

In searching for the optimum design, you will need to manually try different geometry configurations, dimensions, materials, loads, and fixtures. Each time you make a change, you must rerun the analysis and examine the results.

The Automated Process

Optimization analysis automates the manual procedure for a particular configuration. Trends are detected quickly and the optimum solution is identified in the fewest number of test runs. Optimization analysis requires the following input:


States your objective, or goals. For example, you specify minimum material.

Design Variables or Geometry Constraints

Selects the dimensions, or variables, that can change and set their ranges. For example, you specify that the diameter of a hole can vary from 0.5" to 1.0" while the extrusion of a sketch can vary from 2.0" to 3.0".

Behavior Constraints

Sets the conditions, or constraints, that the optimum design must satisfy. For example, you specify that stresses, displacements, temperatures should not exceed certain values and the natural frequency should be in a specified range.


SolidWorks Simulation attempts to find the optimum solution that satisfies geometry and behavior constraints.

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