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Block PropertyManager

To display the Block PropertyManager, select a block sketch entity while in the Edit Sketch mode.

blocks_PM.gif blocks_PM2.gif
Single block: Comprises multiple sketch entities Multiple sketch entities: Each sketch entity is a block

Existing Relations

PM_Relations_Existing_Relations.gif Lists relations for the selected block.

Add Relations

Lists relations you can add to the selected block.


Link to file Propagates changes made in the original file to all instances of the block.
Browse When Link to file is selected, inserts another instance of the current block or different block that is linked to a file.
Edit Allows edits to the block.
You cannot edit the block in the current document.
Insertion Point Inserts a point manipulator block_Base_Point.gif that you can drag to the required position.
Leader & Insertion Points (Drawings only). Inserts a point manipulator and leader that you can drag independently to the required position.
For construction Converts the selected block to construction geometry.


PM_Scale_Factor.gif Block Scale Indicates scale of block. The default value 1 is the size of the original block.
  Scale dimensions (Drawings only). Scales any dimensions (including the text height, arrow size, and extension lines/offset gaps) to the Block Scale PM_Scale_Factor.gif.
PM_angle.gif Block Rotation Adjusts the orientation of the block. The default value 0 is the angle at which the original block was created.
  Lock angle Fixes the orientation of the block so it cannot be rotated to a different angle. You can drag the block, but the angle remains fixed.


Leader is used only in drawing documents.
PM_arrow_angled_text.gif Straight Leader  
PM_note_bent_leader.gif Bent Leader  
PM_note_NoLeader.gif No Leader  
  Arrowhead Style Select a style.

Text/Dimension Display

Text/Dimension Display is used only in drawing documents.
PM_Text_display.gif Text Display Select a block instance to see how the notes in a block are displayed.


Shows all visible notes in the block.


Shows all notes, regardless of the note settings.


Makes all notes invisible.

  Attributes Edits values of note attributes if you included attribute names in the block definition. Select a block instance and click Attributes to set the attribute value. You cannot change the value of attributes marked as Read Only.
PM_Display_dimensions.gif Display dimensions  


Layer is used only in drawing documents.
PM_Layer.gif Layer For drawings with named layers.

Mass Properties

(SolidWorks Motion only)

pm_block_mass.gif Mass The mass value used in running Motion Analysis motion studies.
  Move Center of Mass Click to drag or display the block center of mass in the graphics area.
  Reset Center of Mass Resets the center of mass to the center of the block.
  Moments of Inertia Click to modify the default mass moments of inertia.

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