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Backup/Recover Options

Set frequency and folders for auto-recovery, backup, and save notification. Auto-recovery and save notification are controlled by a specified number of minutes.

To display this dialog box, click Options or Tools > Options and select Backup/Recover.


When you start SolidWorks after the system has terminated unexpectedly, any available auto-recovered documents are listed under Document Recovery on the SolidWorks Recovery tab of the Task Pane. You can save an auto-recovered document either by replacing the original file or by creating a new file.

If you start a second session of the application, a message informs you that auto-recover will not work. You can continue with the second session or close the old session and start a new session.

  Save auto-recover info every n minutes Activates auto-recover and defines the number of minutes that elapse before an auto-recover file is created for an open document. The files are closed and deleted when you save the documents.
  Auto-recover folder Specifies the folder in which auto-recover files are saved. The Auto-recover folder must be a folder on your local system. You cannot use a network location or a mapped network drive.
  Save auto-recover info after meshing and after running a simulation study SolidWorks automatically saves file recovery information upon completion of meshing or running a study. This option is in addition to the SolidWorks Save auto-recover info every n minutes option. This option is available only when SolidWorks Simulation is added in.


Backup stores a backup of the original document before any changes are saved to the file. It is one version before the last saved version of the document. Backup files are named Backup of <document name>. Multiple backups of a document, are named with the most recent version in Backup (1), the next most recent in Backup (2), etc.

If changes to an active document are saved in error, opening the backup file brings the document back to the point before the changes were made. If you save a document without making any changes, the backup file is the same as the original.

  Number of backup copies per document Activates backup and specifies the number of copies (from 1 to 10) to be saved for each document.
  Backup folder Specifies the folder in which backup files are saved. The backup folder must be a folder on your local system. You cannot use a network location or a mapped network drive. (Not available if Save backup files in the same location as the original is selected.)
  Save backup files in the same location as the original This option takes precedence over any specified folder.
  Remove backups older than n days Any out-of-date backups are removed when you start up SolidWorks.

Save notification

A transparent message, Un-Saved Document Notification, appears in the lower right corner of the graphics area if the active document has not been saved within the specified interval. Click the commands in the message to save the active document or save all open documents. The message fades after a few seconds.

  Show reminder if document has not been saved for n minutes Activates save notification and defines the number of minutes that elapse before the save notification message appears.
  Automatically dismiss after n seconds Controls how long the save reminder is displayed.

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