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AddSelection2 Method (IEdmBatchItemGeneration2)

Adds information to the batch to generate a new item either from a file or stand-alone without a source file.


Visual Basic (Declaration) 
Sub AddSelection2( _
   ByVal poVault As EdmVault5, _
   ByVal poVariables() As EdmVarVal, _
   Optional ByVal bsItemName As System.String, _
   Optional ByVal lDestFolderID As System.Integer, _
   Optional ByVal lSrcFileID As System.Integer, _
   Optional ByVal lSrcFileProjID As System.Integer, _
   Optional ByVal bsSrcFileConfig As System.String, _
   Optional ByVal lEdmRefFlags As System.Integer _
void AddSelection2( 
   EdmVault5 poVault,
   EdmVarVal[] poVariables,
   System.string bsItemName,
   System.int lDestFolderID,
   System.int lSrcFileID,
   System.int lSrcFileProjID,
   System.string bsSrcFileConfig,
   System.int lEdmRefFlags
void AddSelection2( 
&   EdmVault5^ poVault,
&   array<EdmVarVal>^ poVariables,
&   System.String^ bsItemName,
&   System.int lDestFolderID,
&   System.int lSrcFileID,
&   System.int lSrcFileProjID,
&   System.String^ bsSrcFileConfig,
&   System.int lEdmRefFlags


IEdmVault5; vault in which to create the new item
Optional array of EdmVarVal structures; variables to write to the item
Name of new item; if left blank, the serial number generator assigns the name
ID of the folder in which to place the new item; if left blank, the new item is placed in the item root folder
ID of the file from which to create the item; if 0 or blank, no link is created
ID of the parent folder of lSrcFileID; only valid if lSrcFileID is not 0 or blank
Name of the configuration in the source file to which to link the new item
Combination of EdmRefFlags bits



This method supersedes IEdmBatchItemGeneration::AddSelection by adding the ability to create stand-alone items without a source file.

To create a stand-alone item, you must call this method specifying poVault at a minimum. You can optionally specify poVariables and bsItemName to create a stand-alone item. The other parameters are only used to create new items from files.

After calling this method, call IEdmBatchItemGeneration::CreateTree.

Return codes:

  • S_OK: The method successfully executed.
  • S_FALSE: One of the arguments is invalid.

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