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ICWBoltConnector Interface Members

The following tables list the members exposed by ICWBoltConnector.

Public Properties

 PropertyBoltShankDiameterUnitGets or sets the units for the bolt shank diameter.  
 PropertyBoltShankDiameterValueGets or sets the bolt shank diameter.  
 PropertyBoltTypeGets or sets the bolt type.  
 PropertyBoltUnitGets or sets the bolt unit.  
 PropertyFrictionValueGets or sets the friction factor used to calculate the axial force from a given torque.  
 PropertyHeadDiameterUnitGets or sets the unit for the diameter of the bolt's head.  
 PropertyHeadDiameterValueGets or sets the diameter of the bolt's head.  
 PropertyIncludeBoltSeriesGets or sets whether to bolt more than two components together.  
 PropertyIncludeKnownTensileStressAreaGets or sets whether to include known tensile stress area.  
 PropertyIncludeMassGets whether to include the mass of this bolt connector.  
 PropertyIncludeStrengthDataGets or sets whether to include strength data.  
 PropertyIncludeSymmetricalBoltGets or sets whether to define a symmetric bolt if one or two planes of symmetry cut through the bolt.  
 PropertyIncludeTightFitGets or sets whether to include tight fit if the radius of the shank is equal to the radius of the cylindrical faces associated with at least one of the components.  
 PropertyMassValueGets or sets the value of mass.  
 PropertyMaterialSourceGets or sets the material source.  
 PropertyMaterialTypeGets or sets the material type.  
 PropertyMaterialUnitGets or sets the material unit.  
 PropertyNutDiameterUnitGets or sets the unit for the nut's diameter.  
 PropertyNutDiameterValueGets or sets the diameter of the bolt's nut.  
 PropertyPinBoltStrengthUnitGets or sets the strength of the bolt.  
 PropertyPoissonsRatioGets or sets Poisson's ratio for the custom material.  
 PropertyPreLoadForceTypeGets or sets the type of preload force.  
 PropertyPreLoadForceValueGets or set the value of the pre-load force.  
 PropertySameHeadAndNutDiameterGets or sets whether the head and nut of the bolt are the same diameter.  
 PropertySymmetricalBoltTypeGets or sets the type of symmetric bolt.  
 PropertyTensileStressAreaUnitGets or sets the unit of the tensile stress area.  
 PropertyThermalCoefficientGets or sets the thermal expansion coefficient for the custom material.  
 PropertyThreadsPerLengthUnitGets or sets the threads/length unit.  
 PropertyYoungModulusGets or sets the Young modulus for the custom material.  

Public Methods

 MethodBoltConnectorBeginEditStarts editing a bolt connector.  
 MethodBoltConnectorEndEditEnds editing a bolt connector.  
 MethodGetBoltSeriesEntityCountGets the number of bolt series for this bolt connector.  
 MethodGetLibraryMaterialGets the material for this bolt connector.  
 MethodGetSourceEntityCountGets the number of source entities for this bolt connector.  
 MethodGetStrengthDataGets the strength data for this bolt connector.  
 MethodGetTargetEntityCountGets the number of target entities for this bolt connector.  
 MethodInsertBoltSeriesEntityInserts an entity (cylindrical face from the middle components) in the bolt series.  
 MethodInsertEntityAtFirstLocationInserts a source entity at the first location.  
 MethodInsertEntityAtSecondLocationInserts a target entity at the second location.  
 MethodInsertReferenceGeometryInserts the entity (plane or planar face of symmetry) for  symmetrical bolts.  
 MethodInsertTightFitEntityInserts the entity (shank contact face) for a tight fit.  
 MethodRemoveBoltSeriesEntityRemoves the entity at the specified index from a bolt series.  
 MethodRemoveEntityAtFirstLocationRemoves the source entity at the specified index at the first location.  
 MethodRemoveEntityAtSecondLocationRemoves the target entity at the specified index at the second location.  
 MethodRemoveTightFitEntityRemoves the entity at the specified index from a tight fit.  
 MethodSetLibraryMaterialSets the material for this bolt connector.  
 MethodSetStrengthDataSets the strength data for this bolt connector.  

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