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Release Notes

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This topic provides you with quick access to the enhancements in SOLIDWORKS API 2015.

  • Add-ins created and accessed from the Menu Bar in previous versions of SOLIDWORKS now appear and are accessed from the Tools menu. Any new add-in that attempts to create a menu on the Menu Bar will also now appear and be accessed from the Tools menu.
  • Starting with SOLIDWORKS 2015, third-party data stored in SOLIDWORKS files cannot be externally read or written by standard structured storage or compound file techniques. To read or write third-party data, use the methods and events in the SOLIDWORKS API. See Third-party Data in SOLIDWORKS Files for details.
  • Service Pack 4
  • Service Pack 3
  • Service Pack 2
  • Service Pack 1
  • Service Pack 0
Service Pack 4
New properties

ICircularPatternFeatureData Interface

ICurveDrivenPatternFeatureData Interface

ILinearPatternFeatureData Interface

ISketchPatternFeatureData Interface

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Service Pack 3
New methods

IDimensionTolerance Interface

Obsolete methods

IDimensionTolerance Interface

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Service Pack 2
New method

ISectionViewData Interface

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Service Pack 1
New methods, properties, and delegates

IAnnotation Interface

IAnnotationView Interface

IEnvironment Interface

Obsoleted methods, properties, and delegates

 IAnnotationView Interface

IEnvironment Interface


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Service Pack 0
New functionality

Major enhancements are: 


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New interfaces

IDimPatternFeatureData Interface

IIntersectFeatureData Interface

ILocalCurvePatternFeatureData Interface

ILocalSketchPatternFeatureData Interface

IPrintSpecification Interface

ISafeArrayUtility Interface

IScanto3D Interface

ISurfaceFlattenFeatureData Interface

ISwScene Interface

IView3D Interface

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New methods, properties, and delegates

IAnnotation Interface

IAnnotationView Interface

IAssemblyDoc Interface

IBody2 Interface

IBodyFolder Interface

IBomFeature Interface

IBomTableSortData Interface

ICircularPatternFeatureData Interface

IComponent2 Interface

IConfiguration Interface

ICosmeticThreadFeatureData Interface

ICosmeticWeldBeadFeatureData Interface

ICurveDrivenPatternFeatureData Interface

IDeleteBodyFeatureData Interface

IDetailCircle Interface

IDisplayData Interface

IDisplayDimension Interface

IDrawingDoc Interface

IDrSection Interface

IEndCapFeatureData Interface

IFace2 Interface

IFeature Interface

IFeatureManager Interface

IFillPatternFeatureData Interface

IHelixFeatureData Interface

IInterferenceDetectionMgr Interface

ILayer Interface

ILinearPatternFeatureData Interface

IMirrorPartFeatureData Interface

IModelDocExtension Interface

IMoveFaceFeatureData Interface

INote Interface

IPackAndGo Interface

IPageSetup Interface

IRayTraceRendererOptions Interface

IRenderMaterial Interface

ISelectionMgr Interface

ISheet Interface

ISimpleFilletFeatureData2 Interface

ISketchPatternFeatureData Interface

ISketchRelation Interface

ISketchSegment Interface

ISldWorks Interface

ISMGussetFeatureData Interface

ISplitBodyFeatureData Interface

IStructuralMemberFeatureData Interface

ISurface Interface

IView Interface

IVariableFilletFeatureData2 Interface

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Obsoleted interfaces, methods, properties, and delegates

IAssemblyDoc Interface

IComponent2 Interface

ICosmeticWeldBeadFeatureData Interface

IDisplayData Interface

IDisplayDimension Interface

IDrawingDoc Interface

IFeature Interface

IFeatureManager Interface

IModelDoc2 Interface

IModelDocExtension Interface

ISheet Interface

ISldWorks Interface

ISplitBodyFeatureData Interface

ISurface Interface

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