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ICosmosMotionStudyProperties Interface Members

The following tables list the members exposed by ICosmosMotionStudyProperties.

Public Properties

 PropertyAnimateDuringSimulationGets or sets whether to show the motion during the calculation of the simulation.  
 PropertyContactResolution3DGets or sets the 3D contact resolution value.  
 PropertyDeleteRedundantConstraintsGets or sets whether to delete redundant constraints.  
 PropertyErrorToleranceGets or sets the error tolerance.  
 PropertyIntegratorAdaptivityGets or sets the value to control intermittent curve/curve problems.  
 PropertyIntegratorTypeGets or sets the type of integrator.  
 PropertyJacobianEvalGets or sets how often the simulation engine's Jacobian matrix is updated.  
 PropertyMakeAllMatesFlexibleGets or sets whether to make all mates flexible.  
 PropertyMaxIterationsGets or sets the maximum number of times the numeric integrator iterates in the search for a solution for a given step.  
 PropertyMaxStepSizeGets or sets the upper bound of the integration time step.  
 PropertyMinStepSizeGets or sets the lower bound of the integration time step.  
 PropertyUsePreciseContactGets or sets whether to use precise contact.  
 PropertyWireFrameGraphicsGets or sets whether to display the results as wireframe.  

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