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CircuitWorks Options - General

Set options that affect the general operation of CircuitWorks.

To display CircuitWorks Options - General:

From the CircuitWorks Options dialog box, click General .

To display the CircuitWorks Options dialog box, do one of the following:

  • From CircuitWorks, click the CircuitWorks application menu , then click Options .
  • From SOLIDWORKS, click Tools > CircuitWorks > CircuitWorks Options.

CircuitWorks Setup Wizard

Show Wizard Opens the CircuitWorks Setup Wizard, which guides you to set up a location for the CircuitWorks Library and to specify which ECAD file properties can be used to match to a SOLIDWORKS model. You can also download SOLIDWORKS models of electronic parts to use in circuit board design.

General options

Display units

The global units for all feature sizes and distances: mm (millimeters) or in/1000 (thousandths of an inch).

This setting does not affect the physical size of CircuitWorks objects, just the units.

Color scheme

The CircuitWorks color scheme: Silver, Blue, or Black.

The new color scheme takes effect when you restart CircuitWorks.

CircuitWorks filters

Apply filters on opening the file When you open an ECAD file, applies the filters in the saved filters file you select.
Filters file Opens the Select CircuitWorks Filter File dialog box so that you can select the filters file to apply.

CircuitWorks tree

Default tree sort order Sorts tree items according to your selection:




Show components in the tree using: Labels tree components according to your specifications:

First part

Defines the first portion of the component label with your selection:

ECAD Component Name

ECAD Part Number


Adds an optional symbol that follows your First part selection in the component label.

Second part

Adds an optional suffix to the component label, according to your selection:

ECAD Component Name

ECAD Part Number

CircuitWorks preview image

Reverse mouse wheel zoom direction Toggles the direction for zooming in or out using your mouse wheel.
Move associated holes when a component is moved in the preview. When component holes pass through other components or the board, moves the holes when you move the component.

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