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General Tables

You can create general tables to use in drawings. These tables allow similar functionality to other SOLIDWORKS tables, such as split, merge, sort, and equations.

Use a general table when you need to type data in the cells rather than having data generated automatically. General tables require user input for all cells.

To insert a general table:

  1. In a drawing, click General Table Tool_General_Table_Tables.gif (Table toolbar) or Insert > Tables > General Table.
  2. Specify the properties described below, then click PM_OK.gif.
  3. Double-click a cell and type text. You can also insert symbols and custom properties.

Table Template

Click Open table template favorite_load.png Button to choose a standard or custom template. This option is available only during table insertion.

Table Position

The stationary corner controls the direction in which the table expands when adding new columns or rows.

Set the Stationary corner to:

PM_Table_Anchor_TopLeft.gif Top Left New columns extend to the right and new rows extend below the anchor point.
PM_Table_Anchor_TopRight.gif Top Right New columns extend to the left and new rows extend below the anchor point.
PM_Table_Anchor_BottomLeft.gif Bottom Left New columns extend to the right and new rows extend above the anchor point.
PM_Table_Anchor_BottomRight.gif Bottom Right New columns extend to the left and new rows extend above the anchor point.

Attach to anchor point

Attaches the specified corner to the table anchor.

The Stationary corner option is not available when you first create the table. If the table is anchored on creation, the stationary corner is automatically selected on the drawing sheet in the quadrant nearest the table anchor.

Table Size

Set the number of Columns and Rows for the table.


  Use document settings Uses the options set in Document Properties > General Tables.
PM_Table_Border_Box.gif Set the Box Border Sets a line thickness for the outside border of the table.
PM_Table_Border_Grid.gif Grid Border Sets a line thickness for the inner grid lines of the table.


In drawings with named layers, select a layer. The table assumes the layer color.


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