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3D PDF Template Editor Options

New Creates a new template.
Open Opens a saved template.
Save Saves the template to the same name and location.
Save As Saves the template to a new name and location.
Delete Theme Deletes the template.
Undo Reverses the last action.
Snap Snaps the selected entity to other template entities.
Fit to Window Zooms the page to fit in the entire window.
Background Sets a background image for the template.
Page Setup Sets the template size and orientation.
Inserts an image on the template. The image can be moved and resized in the template editor. Set options:
  • Change Image to select a different image.
  • Reset to Original Size to restore the image size.
  • Lock Aspect Ratio to maintain the ratio of width to height.
  • Delete to remove the image.
BOM Table Inserts a BOM placeholder in an assembly document. When you publish to 3D PDF, the BOM from the assembly appears in the BOM placeholder.
Inserts a text placeholder. Set options:
  • Template text field. Places a text box on the template. Specify text when creating the template to display on every document.
  • Text field. Places a text box on the template. You can specify text when publishing the 3D PDF in the SOLIDWORKS software. Set the font family, size, color, and type text in the text box.
  • Custom property field. Places a text box on the template. You can choose a custom property value to display when publishing the 3D PDF in the SOLIDWORKS software.
  • PDF form field. Places a text box with a text fill-in area on the template. You can enter text in the published 3D PDF document.
Generic Table Inserts an existing SOLIDWORKS table into a template.
Independent Viewport Inserts an independent viewport that users control in the final PDF by right-clicking and selecting from the context menu or using mouse-controlled zooming and orientation.
Projected Viewport Inserts a viewport that can be assigned to back, top, bottom, right, or left of the primary viewport.
  Help Displays the SOLIDWORKS help.

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