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Using the Transform Manipulator

You can transform a model visually with the transform manipulator. Visual transforms can be quicker, but not as precise as numerical transforms.

To use the transform manipulator:

  1. On the toolbar, click Selection Tool > Model .
  2. In the 3D Viewport, select the target model.
    You cannot transform individual parts separately from their parent model.
  3. On the toolbar, click Object Manipulation Tools and click one of the following:
    • Move . Translates the model.
    • Scale . Scales the model.
    • Pivot . Rotates the model relative to its root node.
    The transform manipulator appears in the 3D Viewport.
  4. Use the table below to use the transform manipulator.
    Action Transform Manipulator Description
    Move the model Select an axis and drag to move the model along that axis. Use the yellow box for freeform moves.

    You can also right-click the yellow box and drag to move the selected model onto another model. The pivot points of the two models stick together.

    Press Shift while moving the model to snap the model to a 1m grid in the world.

    Rotate the model Select a ring around an axis and drag to rotate the model around that axis.

    Press Shift while dragging a ring to rotate the model in 15º increments.

    Scale the model Select an axis and drag to scale the model along that axis. Use the yellow box to scale uniformly.

    Press Shift while scaling to snap the scale to 0.25x increments.

    Move the model's pivot point   Select an axis and drag to move the model along that axis. Use the yellow box for freeform moves.

    Press Shift to snap to a 0.25m grid. Press Ctrl to snap the pivot point to the bounding box corners, edges, edge midpoints, and center.

    This lets you snap the pivot point to the center of a round model, group, or part.

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