SOLIDWORKS Installation Manager Application Help

SOLIDWORKS Installation Manager is a standalone application that installs and updates your SOLIDWORKS products.

You can run SOLIDWORKS Installation Manager:
  • From a SOLIDWORKS DVD or a shared source or download folder (when installing a new version)
  • From the Control Panel Add or Remove Programs page (when modifying or removing an existing version)
  • Through a scheduled or manual update check (when detecting, downloading, and installing new release versions)

Each version of SOLIDWORKS has a version of SOLIDWORKS Installation Manager specific to that SOLIDWORKS version.

For versions prior to SOLIDWORKS 2008, use SOLIDWORKS 2007 Installation Manager or download product versions manually from the SOLIDWORKS Support Web site.
If you are running Windows 8, refer to Tips for Using SOLIDWORKS with Microsoft Windows 8 for tasks such as accessing Start or the Control Panel. These steps may vary depending on how Windows 8 is configured on your system. Consult Microsoft Windows documentation for additional instructions and options, especially for systems later than Windows 8.