Finding Features

You can Find and Modify part features of a specific type that satisfy specified parameter conditions.

To use the Find/Modify utility:

  1. Click Find/Modify Features tool_find_features_utilities.gif (Tools toolbar) or Tools > Find/Modify > Find/Modify Features.
    The Find/Modify Features Task Pane appears.
  2. Do one of the following:
    • Select a feature from the FeatureManager design tree for Feature to match.
    • Select a feature type in the Category list.
    • Select a feature in the Features list.
      SOLIDWORKS regenerates all features in the part after suppressing each feature. This increases the processing time of the suppress operation.
  3. Do one of the following:
    • To find features based on certain parameter conditions (for example, you can find all holes greater than 10mm in diameter), under Match, click Feature parameters and click Edit.

      A dialog box appears that is specific to the selected feature type.

      If you do not specify any parameter values, all features of the specified type are found.

      There are no parameters to select when finding mirror features. All types of mirror features are found when selected.
    • To find features that match the volume of the selected feature to within a tolerance, under Match, click Volume tolerance and enter the Percentage Tolerance within which the volume of other features is considered to match that of the selected feature.
  4. Under Match, to search for suppressed features select Suppressed.
  5. Under Match, to search for unsuppressed features select Unsuppressed.
  6. Click Find Now.
    The Results tree appears. Select features in the Results tree to highlight them with their dimensions in the graphics area. You can right-click features in the tree to suppress or unsuppress them. The Unsuppress child features option unsuppresses any child features when you unsuppress the parent feature.