Simplify Utility

The Simplify Utility lets you create simplified configurations of a part or assembly to perform analysis.

The Simplify utility determines an internal calculation of "insignificant volume" based on the size of a part or assembly. Supported features below the insignificant volume can be suppressed to a derived configuration so you can perform analysis (using SOLIDWORKS SimulationXpress) on the simplified part or assembly.

The following features are supported in assemblies:

  • Chamfers
  • Extrudes. Boss, boss-thin, cut, cut-thin. (Base extrudes and extrudes that are not Blind or Mid-Plane are not found.)
  • Fillets. Simple, multi-radius, face (without the hold line parameter), variable radius. (Full round fillets are not found.)
  • Holes (Simple and Hole Wizard)
  • Revolves (Volume Based only)
Assembly features are not found with the Simplify utility.