Geometry Analysis Results

After the analysis operation is complete, the Analysis Results section in the PropertyManager appears.

Under Analysis Results:

  • The results are shown in a tree view.
  • Each type of geometry appears as a node in the tree view. Under each item, the entities that satisfy the analysis criteria are listed. Items are listed in ascending order:
    • Short edges - by edge length
    • Small faces - by face area
    • Sliver faces - by face area
    • Knife edges - by angle between faces
    • Knife vertices - by angle between edges
  • Click individual items (nodes) in the tree view to highlight the corresponding entities in the graphics area. To help you locate an entity, a callout is displayed in the graphics area. The corresponding value for the entity is displayed next to the item in the results tree.
  • Click Save Report to save the analysis results in HTML format.
  • Click Recalculate to clear the results and prepare for another calculation.
You can access the saved report at any time using the SOLIDWORKS Utilities Report Manager.