Creating a New SOLIDWORKS Document

New documents use templates as the basis for their format and properties. Templates include user-defined document properties, such as units of measure or other detailing standards. Templates allow you to maintain many different styles of documents. A document template can be a part, drawing, or assembly that you saved as a template.

To create a new SOLIDWORKS document:

  1. Click one of the following:
    • New (Standard toolbar)
    • File > New
    • New Document under Getting Started on the Task Pane SOLIDWORKS Resources tab .
  2. In the dialog box, select:
    Option Description
    Novice Displays icons and explanations of part, assembly, and drawing documents. If you open a new document when in a SOLIDWORKS tutorial, a tutorial template opens. The tutorial template uses the appropriate units, view orientations, and so on, for the tutorial lesson.
    Advanced Displays the template icons on various tabs. You can:
    • See previews as you select templates.
    • Add your own tabs.
    • Access the tutorial templates on the Tutorial tab.
    • Select the display types: Large Icons , List , or List Details .
  3. Select a type of document.
  4. Click OK.