Page Setup

Allows you to change printer settings.

You must have a SOLIDWORKS document open to set printer settings.

To change printer settings:

Click File > Page Setup, select from the options described below, then click OK.

You can also click Page Setup in the Print dialog box.

Printer Settings

Use system settings Prints the document with Windows print settings, and allows you to change these settings as needed.
Use this document's settings Overrides system print settings with the print settings saved in the current document, and applies any changes to these settings in the current document only. System print settings remain unchanged.
Set each drawing sheet individually Specify the settings for each sheet in the drawing by selecting a drawing sheet in Settings for.
In subsequent files that you print, the SOLIDWORKS software remembers the last setting you selected.

Resolution and Scale

Not available for drawing sheets in DXF/DWG native format.

Set the scale for the printed document.

Same as window (parts and assemblies only) Prints the current view of the graphics area.
Scale to fit (drawings only) Prints the drawing sheet to fit the paper size.
Scale Prints the document at a scaled value (in percent) that you specify.
High Quality (drawings only) The SOLIDWORKS software determines the optimum resolution for the printer and paper size combination, generates the raster output and prints it accordingly.
When you select High Quality, click File Print Properties to set any advanced properties for the selected printer. If there are options for improved raster output, select them to get the highest quality printed output.


Size Sets the paper size on which you want to print the document.
Source Sets the printer tray where the paper is located.

Drawing Color

Not available for drawing sheets in DXF/DWG native format.
Automatic Sends color information if the printer or plotter driver reports that it is capable of printing color. Otherwise, the SOLIDWORKS software sends black and white information.
Color/Gray scale Sends color data to the printer or plotter regardless of the capabilities that the printer or plotter driver reports. Black and white printers generally print colored entities in gray scale or dithered with this option. Use this option where a color printer or plotter prints in black and white with the Automatic setting.
Black and white Sends all entities to the printer or plotter in black and white regardless of the printer or plotter color capabilities.


Portrait Prints the document with a vertical page orientation.
Landscape Prints the document with a horizontal page orientation.