Box Selection

You can select all entity types in parts, assemblies, and drawings by dragging a selection box with the pointer.

When you select from left to right, all items within the box are selected. When you select from right to left, items crossing the box boundaries are also selected.
The default geometry type selected is as follows:
Part documents edges
Assembly documents components
Drawing documents sketch entities, dimensions, and annotations

To select entity types different from the defaults, use selection filters.

When selecting edges and faces in drawings, hidden edges and faces are not selected.

Use the Shift and Ctrl keys the same way as in Microsoft Explorer.
  • Shift selects everything within the box whether currently selected or not.
  • Ctrl inverts the current selection within the box.
  • In both cases, any prior selections outside the box remain unchanged.
To enable selection of hidden edges, click Tools > Options > System Options > Selection . Under Selection of hidden edges, select Allow selection in wireframe and HLV modes and Allow selection in HLR and shaded modes.