Comparison of Sustainability Products

Two products can check the environmental impact of models - SOLIDWORKS® SustainabilityXpress and SOLIDWORKS® Sustainability.

SOLIDWORKS SustainabilityXpress

Handles part documents (solid bodies only) and is included in the core software.

SOLIDWORKS Sustainability

Handles parts (solid bodies only) and assemblies. Available as a separate product. Other functionality includes configuration support, expanded reporting, and expanded environmental impact options.

Comparison Table

Functionality SOLIDWORKS SustainabilityXpress SOLIDWORKS Sustainability
Integrated into the SOLIDWORKS software interface
Analyze parts
Select materials
Find similar materials
Display real-time feedback in Environmental Impact dashboard
Set and import baselines
Generate and send customizable reports
Display detailed comparison panes per environmental impact area
Define how long a part or assembly will last  
Define how long a part or assembly will be used  
Specify electricity and natural gas use, and scrap rate for manufacturing process  
Analyze assemblies  
Use the Assembly Visualization tool with Sustainability  
Evaluate configurations  
Input Use phase energy consumption values  
Specify transportation methods and distances