Workspace Options

You can adjust the workspace when working in SOLIDWORKS to reflect your monitor environment.

Setting Workspace Options

To set workspace options for your monitor setup:

  1. Select View > Workspace.
  2. Select your monitor type to optimize the SOLIDWORKS display:
    • Default. Arranges the SOLIDWORKS window with the CommandManager at the top and PropertyManagers on the left.
    • Widescreen. Arranges the SOLIDWORKS window with the CommandManager to the left of the FeatureManager Design Tree and PropertyManagers on the right.
    • Dual Monitor. Displays SOLIDWORKS on one monitor and a detached CommandManager and PropertyManagers on the other.

Customizing Workspace Menu Options

To customize the workspace menu options:

  1. Select View > Workspace > Customize Menu .
  2. Clear or select workspace menu options as required and click away from the dialog box.
    For example, clear Widescreen, and click in the graphics area to display only the Default and Dual Monitor options.

Text and Button Sizes

You can set sizes for text and buttons from the Toolbars tab of the Customize dialog box.

  • Text in menus, tree items, dialog boxes, and PropertyManagers respects your SOLIDWORKS software or operating system text size selection.
  • You can set button sizes independent of the text size.
  • The larger button sizes facilitate running the SOLIDWORKS software on machines with high resolution displays.
  • For low resolution displays, dialog boxes are automatically resized when they do not fit on the screen, and scrollbars appear automatically.
  • To facilitate element selection on touch interfaces such as tablets, you can set up the larger size buttons from the Options menu (Standard toolbar).

To view the button settings, click Tools > Customize, and in the dialog box, select the Toolbars tab.