Opening Documents from Part or Assembly Windows

While you are editing an assembly, you can open its associated component documents (parts or subassemblies) in their own windows. Any changes that you make to the components automatically update the assembly.

While you are editing a part with in-context features, you can open the assembly document where the features were created.

Opening Components from Assembly Documents

To open a component from an assembly document:

  1. In the assembly window, right-click a component.
  2. Select Open part or Open Assembly.
    The component document opens in a separate window.

Opening Assemblies from Part Documents

To open an assembly from a part document:

  1. In the part window, right-click a feature or sketch in the FeatureManager design tree or graphics area that has an external reference.
  2. Select Edit In Context.
    The assembly that contains the update path for the selected feature opens in a separate window.