Assembly Task Pane

Set the input values for determining the cost of manufacturing an assembly from the Costing Task Pane.

Costing Templates

Main template Sets an existing template. The main multibody template references two other templates, one for sheet metal bodies, and one for machined bodies.

The main template defines operations at the part level.

Launch Template Editor Opens the Costing Template Editor for creating or editing Costing templates.

Part List

Part list select_edges.png Lists the parts in an assembly. The type of part determines the sheet metal or machining template that is referenced in the cost estimation. Costing automatically recognizes the appropriate template.
Cost to be calculated Lists the parts which do not have costing data. The cost of parts are calculated with default parameters set in Costing Options.
Cost defined Lists parts which are saved with costing data.
Exclude Excludes the selected parts for assemblies from cost calculations.
Include Includes any selected parts in assemblies for cost calculations.
Type of cost estimation Defines the category of costs based on parts selected in Part List, Cost to be calculated, Cost defined or Purchased Parts. You can set a part as Purchased Parts and recalculate the cost of the same part by selecting To be calculated.
Toolbox Parts Lists all toolbox components. The cost of toolbox parts are not calculated while running Costing.
Purchased Parts Lists parts with purchased costs defined in the chosen template or a template set to a custom property with a defined purchased cost.
Begin Cost Estimation

After you assign the Type of body to each body in the part and specify methods and materials, the green message area indicates you can start the cost estimation.


Total number of assemblies Quantity of assemblies to be manufactured.
Lot size Quantity of assemblies to be manufactured per run.


Cost adjustment Adjusts the total cost using a percentage factor. A negative value creates a discount, and a positive value creates a markup. For example, you can increase the cost by 15% of the total cost.

Estimated Cost Per Part

Cost Displays the total estimated cost of manufacturing the assembly. The cost is constantly updated based on any changes you make.
Comparison Displays a bar chart for the Current and Previous costs or the Current and Baseline costs. If changes to the assembly decrease the cost, the Current bar is green and the % difference green_down_arrow.gif is negative. If changes to the part increase the cost, the Current bar is red and the % difference red_up_arrow.gif is positive.

Click Set Baseline PM_unlock.gif to set a baseline cost for comparison. If you change the design later on, the cost is compared to the baseline cost. When you set a baseline cost, any changes to the assembly are considered Current and the difference is displayed.

Breakdown Displays the cost and percentage distributions for the major contributors of the total cost:

Calculated Parts

Summation of the cost of machined parts, sheet metal parts, and, multibody parts used in the assembly.

Purchased Parts

Summation of all the purchased parts in an assembly.

Markup or Discount

Cost calculated as per input provided for Markup/Discount (% of the total cost).

Generate ReportCosting-Create Report Opens the Report Options dialog box where you can customize a report and export it as a Word document or as an Excel spreadsheet.