Power Select Filters and Parameters

The following filters are available with their associated parameters:
Filters Parameters
Edge convexity Select from the following check boxes:
  • Convex edges
  • Concave edges
  • Ignore loops with both convex and concave edges
Edge angle Under Angle between adjacent faces, do the following:
  • Specify a comparison symbol (<, <=, =, >=, or >).
  • Type an angle value.

Face color

Feature color

Click Edit to open the Color palette, and do one of the following:
  • Select the desired color or click Define Custom Colors and define a new color, then click OK.
  • Select the Pick color from graphics check box, and click a color on the model in the graphics area.
Feature type Select one or more feature types from the list, or expand a feature and select a variant of that feature, or click Select all.
Feature name Type the name of a feature in the Feature display name box.
Surface type Select one or more surface types.

Show features of hidden body. Allows you to select features on hidden bodies.

  • Clear the filter check boxes at any time to modify the selection.
  • To change the parameters of a filter at any time, select the filter check box, then change the parameters.