Status Bar

The status bar at the bottom of the SOLIDWORKS window provides information related to the function you are performing.

To display or hide the status bar:

Click View > User Interface > Status Bar.

Typical information provided in the status bar:

  • A brief description as you move the pointer over a tool or click a menu item.
  • A rebuild icon , if you make changes to a sketch or part that requires the rebuild of the part.
    A rebuild icon is displayed beside the part’s name as well as beside the feature that requires the rebuild. Look for the rebuild icon on the Menu Bar toolbar, also.

    The rebuild symbol also is displayed when you edit a sketch. When you exit the sketch, the part rebuilds automatically.

  • Sketch status and pointer coordinates, when you are working in a sketch.
  • Commonly used measurements for selected entities, such as the length of an edge.
  • A message to indicate that you are editing a part while in an assembly.
  • An icon Reload_Status_Bar.gif for accessing the Reload dialog box when you are using collaboration options.
  • Unit System unit_system_status_bar.gif, which shows the unit system for the active document in the status bar and lets you change or customize the unit system.
  • An icon tool_tag.gif to display or hide the Tags text box, used to add keywords to features and parts to aid in searching.