Changing Component Display Settings

To change component display settings:

  1. Move the pointer in the Display Pane until the component you want to change is highlighted in the FeatureManager design tree.
  2. Do one of the following:
    • Right-click.

      A pop-up menu appears. Selections are available for all the display settings.

    • Left-click in the column for the setting you want to change.

      A pop-up menu appears. The selection available depends on the column in which you clicked.

  3. Click a selection.
    Display Setting Icon Description Comments


      Show with Dependents Shows all subassembly components, including those hidden in the subassembly, by creating a top-level override. Clear the override to return the subassembly components to the state defined in the subassembly.

    Display Mode

    Hidden Lines Visible  
    Hidden Lines Removed  
    Shaded With Edges  
    Default Display Components set to Default Display use the display mode of the top level assembly in the current window, as set on the View menu and toolbar.


    (blank)   No appearance applied to the subassembly.
    Part Color Lower-right triangle shows the appearance of the part from the part document.
    Override Color / Part Color Upper-left triangle shows the override appearance specified in the assembly document.


    (blank)   No transparency applied (part is opaque).
    Transparent 75% transparency applied to the color of the component.
    Transparency and Appearance are linked. If you change the transparency slider under Optical Properties in the Color and Optics PropertyManager to a value other than 0.00, an override is applied in both the appearance and the transparency columns in the Display Pane. Likewise, if you apply transparency in the transparency column, an override also appears in the appearance column, because the transparency of the appearance has been changed to 75%.

    For subassembly components, display settings are stored in the display state of the subassembly. Faded icons indicate display settings applied in the subassembly or part document. If you override a subassembly setting in the assembly, the icons change to normal color intensity (not faded).

    Subassembly component display settings applied in the subassembly or part document.
    Override applied in the assembly to change display mode of the subassembly component to Hidden Lines Visible.
    If you move the pointer over display settings in the Display Pane, a tooltip appears showing the name, configuration, and display state of the assembly where the setting is set.