Removing Overrides from Subassembly Components

You can remove display setting overrides from subassembly components.

Removing Overrides from One Subassembly Component

To remove overrides from one subassembly component:

Click an icon in the Display Pane for the component and select Clear Override .
All display setting overrides for that component are removed.

Removing Overrides from All Subassembly Components

To remove all overrides from all subassembly components:

  1. In the Display Pane, do one of the following:
    • Right-click anywhere.
    • Click an icon.
  2. Select Clear All Top Level Overrides .
    All display setting overrides for all subassembly components are removed.
    Display settings for top level components are stored in the display state of the top level assembly. Therefore, they always appear in the normal color intensity (not faded), and are not affected by the commands to clear overrides.