Creating a Design Study

You use a similar workflow to create evaluation studies and optimization studies.

  • If you plan to use simulation data sensors, you must create at least one initial simulation study before creating the design study. (Not available in SOLIDWORKS Standard and SOLIDWORKS Professional.)
  • Optionally, you can define:
    • Parameters to use as variables. Click Insert > Design Study > Parameters .
    • Sensors to use as constraints and goals. In the FeatureManager design tree, right-click the Sensors folder and select Add Sensor.
    You can also define parameters and sensors during the study from the Design Study tab.

To create a design study:

  1. Do one of the following:
    • Click Design Study (Tools toolbar).
    • Click Insert > Design Study > Add.
    • Right-click an existing Design Study tab and click Create New Design Study.
    A Design Study tab appears at the bottom of the graphics area.

  2. To set properties such as study quality and results folder, click Design Study Options .
  3. Define variables using parameters.
  4. Define constraints using sensors.
  5. For Optimization studies, define goals using sensors.
  6. Do one of the following:
    • For Evaluation studies, clear Optimization.
    • For Optimization studies, select Optimization.
  7. Click Run.
    The results of the study appear on the Results View tab.
    Select a scenario or iteration on the Results View tab. In the graphics area, the model updates with the values for that scenario or iteration.
  8. Right-click Results and Graphs and click one:

    Purge Results

    Deletes the results but keeps the definition of the study.

    Define Design History Graph

    Plot a 2D graph of a design variable, objective (goal), or constraint with respect to the scenario number if you defined only discrete variables.

    Define Local Trend Graph

    Plot a 2D graph of an objective (goal) or a constraint with respect to a design variable. The plot is not available if you use the High Quality option for study quality and you define discrete variables only.