Visualizing Gradient Properties

In Assembly Visualization, you can use a spectrum that blends gradually from one color to the next to help you visualize a numerical property, such as Mass or Volume, whose value changes in irregular increments from one component to the next.

To visualize the assembly:

  1. On the Assembly Visualization tab , click a column header to sort the components by that property.
  2. On the left side of the panel, click the vertical bar to turn on the color spectrum.

    The vertical bar displays a spectrum of colors from red to blue. In the graphics area, each component changes to its adjacent color in the Assembly Visualization panel. The colors reflect the relative value of the property for each component.
    If there are multiple properties in the sort hierarchy, the colors correspond to the left-most sorting property.
  3. To add another color to the spectrum:
    1. Click in the blank area to the left of the vertical bar.

    2. In the Color dialog box, select another color and click OK.

    Another slider is added to the spectrum. The parts change color in the graphics area.

    You can move the color sliders up and down to modify the color distribution in the spectrum. You can right-click a color slider and change its color or delete it. To return to the original two sliders, right-click any slider and click Reset all.
  4. Under the column headers, drag the horizontal bar down and position it below components you want to hide.

    In the graphics area, the components above the bar are hidden.

  5. At the bottom of the list, drag the horizontal bar up and position it above components you want to hide.

    In the graphics area, the components below the bar are hidden. The spectrum adjusts to the visible components, showing their relative values.

    To return a bar to its original position, right-click it and click Roll to Top or Roll to End.
  6. Save the assembly to save the Assembly Visualization settings.