Admin User Account

A SOLIDWORKS PDM vault has a special Admin user account, with administrative privileges that no other user accounts have.

The Admin user account:

  • Is the only active user account in a new vault.
  • Cannot be disabled, renamed, or deleted in a vault.
  • Is the only user that can search and view files that are in another user's private state (that is added files that have never been checked in.)
  • Can delete a file that is checked out by another user or in another vault view.
  • Can check in (or undo check out) a file that is checked out by another user.
  • Has access to all search favorites.
To make it easier to troubleshoot permissions issues:
  • Assign the Admin user full permissions to all folders and states in a vault.
  • Do not include the Admin user in any group.
Changing the Admin password in the SOLIDWORKS PDM administration tool changes (and sets) the vault-specific properties for the admin login in the archive server configuration.