Creating an Import Rule

Define import rules to specify the details of importing XML files.

To create an import rule:

  1. Right-click Data Import/Export > Import Rules and select New Import Rule.
  2. Type the Name of rule.
  3. Type the frequency with which to check the folder for updates in Frequency to check folder.

    The database server runs the rules at startup and then at the interval you specify.

  4. Click Browse (...) to navigate to the folder containing the XML files, then click OK.
  5. Optionally, select an alias set from Variable alias set to use.

    See XML File Structure and Example for information about alias sets.

    When you select a variable alias set and the import rule runs, the folder is polled for matching XML files. After processing, correctly parsed files are removed from the folder. If the import does not work, read about Troubleshooting Tips.

When the rule runs, the database server searches the folder for XML files containing valid values and commits them to the database in the ImportBatches table. Imported variable values are stored in the ImportDocumentVariables table. Imported values are not updated in the file stored in the vault until the file goes through an import transition action.