Creating User Accounts for Windows or LDAP Login (For SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional only)

If the SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional vault is not configured to use SOLIDWORKS PDM login, the user login names and their passwords are managed by a Windows (Active Directory) or LDAP server.

Before you can use Windows login, the system login settings on the archive server must contain the groups of users to add as vault users. The groups must be added to the Windows login settings in the Archive Server Configuration tool.

To add a new user account:

  1. Right-click Users and select New User.
  2. In the Add Users dialog box, to list all Windows users that are specified on the archive server, click List Users.
    If you are adding users from a large domain, List Users may take a long time to complete, sometimes blocking other users from working in the vault.

    Instead, click New User. In the New User dialog box, enter the name of a user that is specified in the Windows login settings on the archive server. If you are specifying a domain user, you might need to provide the full domain name as well, for example, SOLIDWORKS\jsmith. Click OK. If the user account is found, it is added.

  3. In the user account list, under Login Name, select the user account to add to the vault.
  4. Type the user-specific details:
    1. Full name
    2. Initials
    3. Email address

      Leave this field blank if you want notifications to the user to be sent using the built-in notification system.

      Type an email address if the mail system is set up to use SMTP.

      The user's login name and password cannot be changed.
    4. Additional information about the user
  5. To add other listed user accounts, select them.
    To edit the login information for a selected user account, click the user's login name.
  6. To give all of the selected users permissions that have already been assigned to an existing user, select the existing user in the Copy permissions and settings from: list.
  7. Click Next.
  8. In the user account's Properties dialog box, use the tabs to specify how the user can work in SOLIDWORKS PDM.