Exporting Vault Settings

Most administrative settings/tools have an export function that lets you export settings from a vault to make them available in other vaults or for testing.

For example, if you create a column set in one vault, you can export it to a file that can be imported into another vault.

Settings are exported as .cex files.

You can export all the settings for an object, or select a specific setting and export it. For example, you can export all column sets, or export a specific column set.

Export of administrative settings is different from the export of file data for use with ERP systems. For information about Data Export, see Creating an Export Rule.

The tools that do not have Export are:

  • Indexing
  • License
  • Message System
  • Toolbox

To export vault settings:

  1. Right-click the object to export and select Export.
    An Administrative Export File dialog box opens, listing the object you are exporting and the settings used by that object.

    For example, if you export a workflow, settings the workflow depends on, such as revision numbers and BOM templates, are also exported.

    Group settings are included in export files for objects such as search cards, bills of materials, templates, etc. All permission settings are not included in the export files, for example folder permissions. Some user settings are included in the export files, for example user menu settings and Administrative permissions.
  2. To remove a setting or variable, right-click and click Remove.
  3. To add settings, including settings from other tools, drag them into the dialog box.
  4. To modify settings that are not vault dependent, such as a user's administrative permissions or a variable's attributes, double-click the object to be modified.
    If an object or setting cannot be modified, it either appears as unavailable or a screen message informs you that the object cannot be modified.
  5. To save the exported settings, click Save (Administration tool toolbar) or File > Save.
    If you close the dialog box without saving, you are prompted to save.
  6. In the Save As dialog box:
    1. For Save in, type or select the directory in which to save the settings.
      The default directory for .cex files is Default Data.
    2. Type a file name, or accept the default name.
    3. Click Save.