Open Dialog Box

To open existing part, assembly, or drawing documents:
Click Open (Standard toolbar) or File > Open, or press Ctrl+O.

You can open existing drawings from inside part and assembly documents. Right-click the top item in the FeatureManager design tree, an open section of the graphics area, or anywhere on the model in the graphics area and select Open Drawing.

SOLIDWORKS looks for a drawing with the same name as the model, in the same folder as the model. If the drawing exists, it opens automatically. If such a drawing is not found, a browse window appears so you can locate a drawing manually.

When there is more than one open and unsaved drawing for a model, a dialog box lets you display the Open Documents browser to select the drawing to activate.

  Mode Select one of the following:


(Parts, Assemblies, Drawings). Fully loads all model data into memory.

Quick view

(Parts). Opens the part for viewing only. You can select the configuration but not the display state. You can pan, zoom, or rotate, but you cannot edit, use measure, or save the document. In part documents, you can change to edit mode by right-clicking in the graphics area and selecting Edit.

Quick view

(Drawings). Opens a simplified representation of the drawing. For multi-sheet drawings, you can open one or more sheets in Quick view.


(Assemblies, Drawings). Loads only a subset of model data into memory. The remaining model data is loaded on an as-needed basis. Opening in lightweight mode improves the performance of assemblies and drawings.

Large Assembly Mode

(Assemblies). Sets a collection of options that improves the performance of large assemblies.

Large Design Review

(Assemblies). Opens very large assemblies quickly, while still retaining capabilities that are useful when conducting design reviews of assemblies.

When you open a drawing of a large assembly, Mode is automatically set to Lightweight, but you can select another mode from the list.

Large documents open in multi-threaded retrieval mode.

  Configurations (Assemblies). Specifies which configuration of the model to open. Select <Advanced> to open the Configure Document dialog box.
  Thumbnail Displays an image of the selected configuration. If the configuration is not previewed, open the document and save it with each configuration selected. The next time you open the document, the configurations are displayed.
  Display States (Parts and Assemblies). Specifies a display state in which to open the model.
  Do not load hidden components (Assemblies). Loads only those assembly components that are visible in the selected display state.
  Use Speedpak (Available in Assemblies in Resolved, Lightweight, or Large Assembly Mode.) Opens an assembly using SpeedPak configurations to improve performance when opening large, complex assemblies.
  References Displays a list of the documents referenced by the selected assembly or drawing. You can edit the locations of the listed files.
  Options Import options are available for certain types of files (IGES or STL, for example). Options appear if the selected file type has import options.

Include PMI

Select to import PMI (Product Manufacturing Information) with NX, Creo, and STEP AP242 formats as semantic graphical annotations.

Down arrow (next to Open )

Open Read-Only

Allows another user to have write access to the document while you have the document open. You cannot save or change the part in Read-Only mode.

Show previous versions

Quick Filter

Click Quick Filter buttons in any combination to see the file type. For example, click Filter Parts to see only parts. To see parts and assemblies, click Filter Parts and Filter Assemblies .

Filter Parts (*.prt, *.sldprt)  
Filter Assemblies (*.asm, *.sldasm)  
Filter Drawings (*.drw, *.slddrw)  
Filter Top-Level Assemblies (*.asm, *.sldasm) Displays only top-level assemblies, not subassemblies. If you have a very large number of files in the folder or have files with very long names, this might take several seconds. To cancel, press Esc.