Pack and Go Dialog Box

The Pack and Go dialog box lists related files to be saved into a folder or zip file.

To access Pack and Go:

  • In SOLIDWORKS, click File > Pack and Go.
  • In Window Explorer or SOLIDWORKS Task Pane File Explorer, right-click a SOLIDWORKS document and select SOLIDWORKS > Pack and Go.
  • In SOLIDWORKS Explorer, select a SOLIDWORKS document and choose SOLIDWORKS Pack and Go.


All related files are listed. The number of assemblies, parts, drawings, other types of files, and total files is displayed below the list. Select or clear check boxes to include files in the saved folder or zip file.

To hide columns, right-click the column header and select Hide Column.

To rename a file to be saved, double-click the file in the Save to Name column. The file name extension must match the source file's extension.


Click Select/Replace to search a column and select or clear items or replace text.


Include drawings Add associated drawings in the model folders or in the Search Paths you specify from File Locations in the System Options dialog box.
Include simulation results Add SOLIDWORKS Simulation reports associated with the model, not necessarily in the same folder as the model.
Include Toolbox components Add referenced Toolbox components.
Include custom decals, appearances and scenes Add user-created decals, appearances and scenes, not necessarily in the same folder as the model.
Include default decals, appearances and scenes Add system-provided decals, appearances and scenes that are called from the model.
Nested view or Flat view Indents file names based on their parent/child relationships, or positions all names at the left margin.
Select Nested view to preserve folder structure. The model and all its references are saved in one folder for Flat view.
Save to folder Specify path and folder name.
Save to Zip File Specify path and file name.
Add prefix or Add suffix Add the specified prefix or suffix to all file names.
Flatten to single folder Select to save all files to the top level of the specified destination folder.
Flatten to minimal folders Select to keep a minimal folder structure in the destination folder by removing empty folders.
Keep full folder structure Select to maintain the full current folder structure of the files as subfolders in the destination folder.
Email after packaging Available when Save to zip file is selected. When you click Save, an email message with the zip file attached is opened for you to address and send.