Rectangle PropertyManager

To open this PropertyManager:

Click a rectangle tool on the Sketch toolbar or in Tools > Sketch Entities.

Rectangle Type

Highlights the selected rectangle.

PM_rectangle_Rectangle.gif Corner Rectangle Sketches standard rectangles.
PM_rectangle_Center_Rectangle.gif Center Rectangle Sketches a rectangle that includes a center point.
PM_rectangle_Rectangle_at_Angle.gif 3 Point Corner Rectangle Sketches a rectangle at a selected angle.
PM_rectangle_Center_3_Point_Rectangle.gif 3 Point Center Rectangle Sketches a rectangle with a center point at a selected angle.
PM_rectangle_Parallelogram.gif Parallelogram Sketches standard parallelograms.

Existing Relations

PM_relations_existing.gif Relations Displays relations inferenced automatically during sketching or created manually with Add Relations. Select a relation in the list, to highlight a callout in the graphics area.
PM_information.gif Information Displays the status of the selected sketch entity (Fully Defined, Under Defined, etc.)

Add Relations

Lists possible relations you can add to the selected entity.


For construction Converts the entities to construction geometry.
Add construction lines

From Corners

Adds centerlines from corner to corner.

From Midpoints

Adds centerlines from midpoint of line segments.


Displays the coordinates of the end points that define the four enclosing linear entities.

All rectangles include four sets of end points with:

PM_Center_X_Coordinate.gif X Coordinate
PM_Center_Y_Coordinate.gif Y Coordinate

Center Rectangle PM_rectangle_Center_Rectangle.gif and 3 Point Center Rectangle PM_rectangle_Center_3_Point_Rectangle.gif also include:

PM_Center_X_Coordinate.gif Center Point X Coordinate
PM_Center_Y_Coordinate.gif Center Point Y Coordinate