Obsolete Column Headers

The design table parameter $SHOW is obsolete.

The hide/show states of components are controlled in display states. The first time you open an older document that uses $SHOW in a design table:
  • The Obsolete Column Headers dialog box appears
  • The software creates a display state for each configuration in your model, using the hide/show states as specified in the design table

Columns in the design table using the $SHOW parameter are no longer required, and changes in these columns are ignored. You can delete these columns or leave them as-is.

For the active display state, you can change the hide/show state (as well as display mode, color, texture, and transparency) in the Display Pane.

You can create multiple display states for each configuration of an assembly. In design tables, the $DISPLAYSTATE parameter sets the active display state of a configuration.

If an assembly has configurations that are used only to show and hide various combinations of components, you can define those combinations in different display states of one configuration. Then you can switch between display states without having to change configurations, which can result in improved performance, especially in large assemblies.